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Weigh Forward
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The Weigh Forward Program
Try Our Introductory Offer
Get a Start on Losing Weight and Finding Health
with the
Weigh Forward Introductory Package!
The $149 Introductory Package includes:
• One visit with a specially-trained clinician
• Labs: Cholesterol Panel, CMP, A1C,
   Thyroid (Optional Vitamin D level)**
• Physical Examination
• One Lipo-B Injection
• A Quick Start Guide that introduces the
   four vital components of the 10-week
   program and provides the following—
A selection of delicious recipes
A schedule of meal plans to last three
Power Placemat: The right portion of the right foods
Grab-and-Go convenient food options
• Body Composition Analysis
• Supplement Samples
WeighForward weight loss testimonial
Start the Weigh Forward Program Today
Weigh Forward
*Individual results will vary.
**12 hour fast recommended for most accurate results on tests
†Cannot be combined with any prior or current discount or offer. By accepting this offer, the patient certifies that he/she is not currently enrolled in or eligible for Medicare or any other state or federally funded insurer. Additional charges may apply. Full payment must be satisfied on date of visit. Choosing to use or submit a claim to your insurance and state/federally funded program, or benefit program (collectively known as “insurer”) may alter your financial responsibility. RediClinic coupons, discounts, or promotions are not applicable to services financially covered by any insurer. Prices and service offers are subject to change without notice.
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